Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thursday, 15 March 2012

You Tube!

I was blogging Tiffany videos on my Tiffany blog, and You Tube offered me Martika's "Toy Soldiers".  I couldn't resist!  So I've blogged it on here instead - why not?  Amazing song!!!

Martika - Toy Soldiers 1989 (Original)/LYRICS on The Screen

Monday, 12 March 2012

Not having a great day...

I did write a poem this morning, though.  And I have just updated my Poemhunter page.  Why not?  My new poem is also on my Tripod poetry site, and my poetry blog.

No comment on the rest of my life right now.  :-(

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Do you know what?  Contrary to what I said before, if I am going to use a specific font and font size on this blog from now on, I think that I will have to go back and alter all of the previous posts, as they should all ideally be consistent with each other.  What a pain!!!

Is perfectionism not a good thing, though?  I'm still not sure that I like the label "OCD"...or accept it...

Friday, 9 March 2012

Another blog post!

It seems like time for another blog post - so here goes...

I continue to struggle with my IBS. And the various other health issues - yes, including the depression. The depression is bad right now - being honest. I have to be honest on this blog, or there is no point in having the blog, is there?

At least I made it to the hairdressers on Wednesday, so that's positive, anyway!

Continue to regularly update my poetry sites: and I have been neglecting my spiritual blog - - but I shall try to update this again soon. It would be good to update that blog more regularly.

I have been adding videos to my Deborah Gibson - - and Tiffany - - blogs.  Seems better than annoying everyone with them on Facebook, and it's easier to find them again!  I enjoy it, anyway. Nice to see that "Can't Stop a Heartbeat" is recognised (four You Tube clips, not bad going). Why a song as great as that was "hidden away" on the B-side of "Radio Romance", I will never know. Worth listening just for the sax, but it's a really great track, overall! My favourite Deborah Gibson track, at the moment, has to be "Goodbye". Amazing - absolutely love it! It was a track from Deborah's "Body Mind Soul" album.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thank you for reading. Love and peace to you all! xxx

PS: Last minute decision to change this into the same font and size as I use on my poetry site.  I'm not going back and altering all of the previous posts, but I think that I'll use this one in the future.  I actually did this post differently.  It was a kind of experiment.  I typed it up in WordPad first, instead of writing straight on to the blog.  Apart from this "PS" part.  I am adding this spontaneously, in the usual way! :-)

PPS: The links to my other blogs don't work on here.  Blogger is being weird about links to other Blogger sites, for some reason.  The one to my Tripod poetry site works.  All of the others can be found through the links page on that site, anyway!!! x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Life in "Paula World"

On the positive side, I managed to get out a couple of times (nights) this week: Drum 'n' Brass (Wednesday) and Open Mic at Central Studios (yesterday).  :-)

Sadly, lost Stuart (zebra finch) on Wednesday.  :-(

Still struggling with my tummy, and associated symptoms are particularly not good today.  Do also keep sinking back into depression, whenever I stop and think about things too much - often feel very emotional.

Anyway, I set up a Tiffany blog!  See:  I was supposed to be putting up two more videos, but posted them on this blog by a mistake.  I subsequently deleted them, as I don't want to put too many of my You Tube clips on here.  That is the whole point of the Debbie Gibson and Tiffany blogs, after all.  I don't think that I've got the energy to search for the same two videos again.  I prefer to do it in a more spontaneous way, anyway.  Still, did put up a selection of clips earlier - so check those out if you so wish, and I shall add more soon enough.

So tired.  And simply don't feel that well generally.  I just want to get a couple of household tasks done, and hopefully have an early night.  Whenever I say that, I don't end up doing it, however...Well, see how it goes...???

Quote from Deborah Gibson's official blog!

Numbers whether on a scale or a birth certificate are meaningless.

You are eternally ELECTRIC YOUTH!!!


Deborah Gibson