Sunday, 27 November 2011

This is Paula's latest blog!

I never realised this, but so many people have blogs about nothing - as "blogaboutnothing", "theblogaboutnothing", "ablogaboutnothing", "anotherblogaboutnothing"...all taken.  I had to include my name in the URL, in the end!  :-)

I have a general blog at:  However, I have been neglecting this, and I thought that I would be more likely to update another blog on Blogger/Blogspot, as I log on here anyway, to update two of my other blogs.

The idea of "The Blog About Nothing" was based on the concept of a Flickr group - don't mention Flickr to me at the moment, though - long story!!!  But, anyway - this group was set up partly as a kind of social comment within the (photo sharing) community, on the number of groups with so many pendantic, ridiculous "rules".  The guy who set it up did say that, by being a group about "nothing", it was also therefore a group about "everything" - sounds good to me.

I don't know if I'll even end up using this blog, but time will tell...

Please also check out and, and my Tripod poetry site:  :-)