Friday, 11 May 2012

Debbie Gibson - We Could Be Together

Debbie Gibson - Crocodile Rock.HQ .Live @.A.J.Palumbo Center.Pittsburg,...

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Kim Wilde - Never Trust A Stranger (lyrics)

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Kim Wilde live - You Came (HD) - Alton Towers, UK - 23-05-2010

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Monday, 7 May 2012

25 random things about me (updated 2009 list!)

1. My full name is Paula Michelle Puddephatt.

2. I was born in Berkshire, England, UK.

3. I now live in Hampshire, England, UK.

4. I worked in various admin posts for ten years. I hated it. It was alternately boring and stressful.

5. I love animals, especially birds. My husband and I have lots of pet birds. (But not quite as many pet birdies as in 2009.)

6. I have tried to keep house plants so many time, but always give them either too much or too little water, and they end up dying.

7. I'm a vegetarian.

8. I went to my local Quaker meeting this afternoon - first time this year. The Quakers is as close to organised religion as I "do" right now. (I haven't been to a Quaker meeting for ages! In fact, the last one must have been the one that I mentioned here!  I thought that Quaker meetings were in the morning, but I'll leave it as it originally was...)

9. I'm a Madonna fan. (To a point...but not even interested enough to own a copy of her latest album yet. I wouldn't use that to define me now...)

10. I write poetry.

11. I write fiction sometimes, but tend to start stories and never finish them. (Gave up writing short stories.)

12. I love H. & M. and New Look. (I still like those clothes stores, but hardly ever do clothes shopping nowadays. Not my priority right now!)

13. I've got lots of soft toys - probably too many! (Yeah, but not buying anymore...)

14. I've got dyspraxia. And clinical depression. And migraine, and chronic daily headaches. And PCOS. Other than that, life aint so bad!!! (Don't forget the IBS. OCD and agoraphobia. Oh dear!!!)

15. I love Marmite.

16. I love Frijj milkshakes.

17. I'm a feminist.

18. I subscribe to Spirit and Destiny Magazine. (No, only subscribed for a year. Can't afford it. Used to buy the occasional copy, but don't tend to anymore.)

19. I'm a member of Birdworld and Marwell Zoo. Hubby and I go there frequently. (Nope. Sadly. Hardly ever leave this flat!!!)

20. I love reading novels, but don't read enough. My fave authors include Mike Gayle and Martina Cole. (I haven't read a novel since The Bell Jar. Finished on 03/11/11.)

21. I love Beliefnet website. (It's completely inactive nowadays.)

22. My first ever pet was a blue budgie called Rupert, after Rupert the Bear!

23. I went on my first diet when I was 14 and have been on too many since then. (Yeah, but not lately! Life's too short for diets...)

24. I've got a brother called Andy. (Never see him - but, yeah...)

25. I had a Yellow Labrador called Amber when I was a kid.

25 random things about me...

I produced this list for Facebook, having come across my 2009 version...

25 Random Things About Me: 2012 List

1. I don't go out much. Understatement. Working on it!

2. I write poetry and post it on my poetry blog and Tripod site.

3. I haven't read a novel since "The Bell Jar" (finished on 3 November 2011) - had an attempt to read "Mount Misery" (have tried before), and was enjoying it, but didn't persist.

4. I love Sophie Hannah. Her poetry. But I've not read any of her crime novels. See 3!

5. I have listened to Amy Studt's "False Smiles" album so many times. I love it!

6. My slippers are pink with Eeyore on them.

7. I am currently wearing a pale yellow T-shirt featuring a picture of three bananas on skateboards. It says: "Go bananas!" It is a few years old now, and came from New Look.

8. My husband and I currently have four pet cockatiels, five budgies and four zebra finches.

9. I drink a lot of tea.

10. I love Frijj milkshakes, and my favourite flavour is Fudge Brownie.

11. I love chocolate brownies, but haven't had one for a while.

12. My husband and I live in a very untidy two bedroom flat in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

13. I don't like talking on the phone.

14. I spend too much time on Facebook.

15. I love my Netbook.

16. I haven't been to a Quaker meeting since 2009.

17. I am vegetarian, but not vegan. I'm not that good! But I don't eat fish. I don't eat any dead animals.

18. I hardly ever go on to the various Ning groups that I used to be so into. Let alone Beliefnet. No-one seems to go on to Beliefnet anymore.

19. I can actually use Twitter properly now, and hold a conversation on there. But I'm still working on Tumblr!

20. I didn't like the idea of having a Timeline on Facebook, but I'm getting used to it. I find it okay.

21. I have actually started to blog poems from "Paula Tree" and "Relations to Angels"!

22. I have various blogs. Some I still update and some I don't bother with anymore. I also still have pages on Myspace and friendsreunited (as far as I know!), but never log into either site nowadays.

23. I still have the Tripod site that I posted my novel on. The one novel that I ever finished writing!

24. I sometimes stay up late to do random things, such as writing lists of 25 random things about me.

25. I can remember my national insurance number by heart because my first job was in the tax office in Reading and national insurance numbers was kind of what we did. But even I'm not silly enough to put my national insurance number on Facebook!!!