Friday, 11 May 2012

Debbie Gibson - We Could Be Together

Debbie Gibson - Crocodile Rock.HQ .Live @.A.J.Palumbo Center.Pittsburg,...

Madonna - Crazy For You Official Music Video HD


Madonna - La Isla Bonita - Official Music Video HD

Madonna - Papa Don't Preach

Madonna - True Blue

Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground

Kim Wilde - Never Trust A Stranger (lyrics)

Kim Wilde live - You Keep Me Hanging On (HD) - Alton Towers, UK - 23-05-...

Kim Wilde live - You Came (HD) - Alton Towers, UK - 23-05-2010

Kim Wilde live - If I Can't Have You (HD) - Alton Towers, UK - 23-05-2010

Kim Wilde If I Can't Have You (Australian Music Awards)

YVONNE ELLIMAN - If I Can't Have You

Glee - If I Can't Have You Lyrics

Monday, 7 May 2012

25 random things about me (updated 2009 list!)

1. My full name is Paula Michelle Puddephatt.

2. I was born in Berkshire, England, UK.

3. I now live in Hampshire, England, UK.

4. I worked in various admin posts for ten years. I hated it. It was alternately boring and stressful.

5. I love animals, especially birds. My husband and I have lots of pet birds. (But not quite as many pet birdies as in 2009.)

6. I have tried to keep house plants so many time, but always give them either too much or too little water, and they end up dying.

7. I'm a vegetarian.

8. I went to my local Quaker meeting this afternoon - first time this year. The Quakers is as close to organised religion as I "do" right now. (I haven't been to a Quaker meeting for ages! In fact, the last one must have been the one that I mentioned here!  I thought that Quaker meetings were in the morning, but I'll leave it as it originally was...)

9. I'm a Madonna fan. (To a point...but not even interested enough to own a copy of her latest album yet. I wouldn't use that to define me now...)

10. I write poetry.

11. I write fiction sometimes, but tend to start stories and never finish them. (Gave up writing short stories.)

12. I love H. & M. and New Look. (I still like those clothes stores, but hardly ever do clothes shopping nowadays. Not my priority right now!)

13. I've got lots of soft toys - probably too many! (Yeah, but not buying anymore...)

14. I've got dyspraxia. And clinical depression. And migraine, and chronic daily headaches. And PCOS. Other than that, life aint so bad!!! (Don't forget the IBS. OCD and agoraphobia. Oh dear!!!)

15. I love Marmite.

16. I love Frijj milkshakes.

17. I'm a feminist.

18. I subscribe to Spirit and Destiny Magazine. (No, only subscribed for a year. Can't afford it. Used to buy the occasional copy, but don't tend to anymore.)

19. I'm a member of Birdworld and Marwell Zoo. Hubby and I go there frequently. (Nope. Sadly. Hardly ever leave this flat!!!)

20. I love reading novels, but don't read enough. My fave authors include Mike Gayle and Martina Cole. (I haven't read a novel since The Bell Jar. Finished on 03/11/11.)

21. I love Beliefnet website. (It's completely inactive nowadays.)

22. My first ever pet was a blue budgie called Rupert, after Rupert the Bear!

23. I went on my first diet when I was 14 and have been on too many since then. (Yeah, but not lately! Life's too short for diets...)

24. I've got a brother called Andy. (Never see him - but, yeah...)

25. I had a Yellow Labrador called Amber when I was a kid.

25 random things about me...

I produced this list for Facebook, having come across my 2009 version...

25 Random Things About Me: 2012 List

1. I don't go out much. Understatement. Working on it!

2. I write poetry and post it on my poetry blog and Tripod site.

3. I haven't read a novel since "The Bell Jar" (finished on 3 November 2011) - had an attempt to read "Mount Misery" (have tried before), and was enjoying it, but didn't persist.

4. I love Sophie Hannah. Her poetry. But I've not read any of her crime novels. See 3!

5. I have listened to Amy Studt's "False Smiles" album so many times. I love it!

6. My slippers are pink with Eeyore on them.

7. I am currently wearing a pale yellow T-shirt featuring a picture of three bananas on skateboards. It says: "Go bananas!" It is a few years old now, and came from New Look.

8. My husband and I currently have four pet cockatiels, five budgies and four zebra finches.

9. I drink a lot of tea.

10. I love Frijj milkshakes, and my favourite flavour is Fudge Brownie.

11. I love chocolate brownies, but haven't had one for a while.

12. My husband and I live in a very untidy two bedroom flat in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

13. I don't like talking on the phone.

14. I spend too much time on Facebook.

15. I love my Netbook.

16. I haven't been to a Quaker meeting since 2009.

17. I am vegetarian, but not vegan. I'm not that good! But I don't eat fish. I don't eat any dead animals.

18. I hardly ever go on to the various Ning groups that I used to be so into. Let alone Beliefnet. No-one seems to go on to Beliefnet anymore.

19. I can actually use Twitter properly now, and hold a conversation on there. But I'm still working on Tumblr!

20. I didn't like the idea of having a Timeline on Facebook, but I'm getting used to it. I find it okay.

21. I have actually started to blog poems from "Paula Tree" and "Relations to Angels"!

22. I have various blogs. Some I still update and some I don't bother with anymore. I also still have pages on Myspace and friendsreunited (as far as I know!), but never log into either site nowadays.

23. I still have the Tripod site that I posted my novel on. The one novel that I ever finished writing!

24. I sometimes stay up late to do random things, such as writing lists of 25 random things about me.

25. I can remember my national insurance number by heart because my first job was in the tax office in Reading and national insurance numbers was kind of what we did. But even I'm not silly enough to put my national insurance number on Facebook!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thursday, 15 March 2012

You Tube!

I was blogging Tiffany videos on my Tiffany blog, and You Tube offered me Martika's "Toy Soldiers".  I couldn't resist!  So I've blogged it on here instead - why not?  Amazing song!!!

Martika - Toy Soldiers 1989 (Original)/LYRICS on The Screen

Monday, 12 March 2012

Not having a great day...

I did write a poem this morning, though.  And I have just updated my Poemhunter page.  Why not?  My new poem is also on my Tripod poetry site, and my poetry blog.

No comment on the rest of my life right now.  :-(

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Do you know what?  Contrary to what I said before, if I am going to use a specific font and font size on this blog from now on, I think that I will have to go back and alter all of the previous posts, as they should all ideally be consistent with each other.  What a pain!!!

Is perfectionism not a good thing, though?  I'm still not sure that I like the label "OCD"...or accept it...

Friday, 9 March 2012

Another blog post!

It seems like time for another blog post - so here goes...

I continue to struggle with my IBS. And the various other health issues - yes, including the depression. The depression is bad right now - being honest. I have to be honest on this blog, or there is no point in having the blog, is there?

At least I made it to the hairdressers on Wednesday, so that's positive, anyway!

Continue to regularly update my poetry sites: and I have been neglecting my spiritual blog - - but I shall try to update this again soon. It would be good to update that blog more regularly.

I have been adding videos to my Deborah Gibson - - and Tiffany - - blogs.  Seems better than annoying everyone with them on Facebook, and it's easier to find them again!  I enjoy it, anyway. Nice to see that "Can't Stop a Heartbeat" is recognised (four You Tube clips, not bad going). Why a song as great as that was "hidden away" on the B-side of "Radio Romance", I will never know. Worth listening just for the sax, but it's a really great track, overall! My favourite Deborah Gibson track, at the moment, has to be "Goodbye". Amazing - absolutely love it! It was a track from Deborah's "Body Mind Soul" album.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thank you for reading. Love and peace to you all! xxx

PS: Last minute decision to change this into the same font and size as I use on my poetry site.  I'm not going back and altering all of the previous posts, but I think that I'll use this one in the future.  I actually did this post differently.  It was a kind of experiment.  I typed it up in WordPad first, instead of writing straight on to the blog.  Apart from this "PS" part.  I am adding this spontaneously, in the usual way! :-)

PPS: The links to my other blogs don't work on here.  Blogger is being weird about links to other Blogger sites, for some reason.  The one to my Tripod poetry site works.  All of the others can be found through the links page on that site, anyway!!! x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Life in "Paula World"

On the positive side, I managed to get out a couple of times (nights) this week: Drum 'n' Brass (Wednesday) and Open Mic at Central Studios (yesterday).  :-)

Sadly, lost Stuart (zebra finch) on Wednesday.  :-(

Still struggling with my tummy, and associated symptoms are particularly not good today.  Do also keep sinking back into depression, whenever I stop and think about things too much - often feel very emotional.

Anyway, I set up a Tiffany blog!  See:  I was supposed to be putting up two more videos, but posted them on this blog by a mistake.  I subsequently deleted them, as I don't want to put too many of my You Tube clips on here.  That is the whole point of the Debbie Gibson and Tiffany blogs, after all.  I don't think that I've got the energy to search for the same two videos again.  I prefer to do it in a more spontaneous way, anyway.  Still, did put up a selection of clips earlier - so check those out if you so wish, and I shall add more soon enough.

So tired.  And simply don't feel that well generally.  I just want to get a couple of household tasks done, and hopefully have an early night.  Whenever I say that, I don't end up doing it, however...Well, see how it goes...???

Quote from Deborah Gibson's official blog!

Numbers whether on a scale or a birth certificate are meaningless.

You are eternally ELECTRIC YOUTH!!!


Deborah Gibson

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


See:  I wasn't sure whether I should use that blog, or this one, for my latest post!!! x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I feel depressed! :-(

My soul is immersed in darkness.  My motivation is on the floor.

That's all.  Guess I'll get over it!!!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Still struggling...

At least I have managed to update my Poemhunter page, anyway.  :-)

Changed the name of my spiritual blog to "Imperfect Expressions".  See:

Regularly adding poems to:, although not always new ones.  If I have written, and wish to share, new work, that will go on the blog.  But I am also adding "poems from the archives".  This site runs alongside:

I also have a Deborah Gibson blog at:  It's just lots of Deborah clips from You Tube!!!  :-)

Not much else to say, really.  This isn't a very exciting blog post, but it will have to do for now.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Poetry, etc...

Recently updated both & - new poems added - yay! :-)

Shared a Debbie Gibson video on here.  Loads more on:, though.  Including that one, but just thought I'd put it on this blog, too - why not???

Struggling with a virus, as well as depression and IBS - but hey, I'll have better times, right???

Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Just been looking at my Blogger stats...

Interesting results.  Quite detailed.  Surprised I didn't investigate these sooner!  I only recently started to look at them at all, and I spent a little longer looking this time.  Blogger stats pages are officially addictive!!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

On a different subject...

Just feeling that I need to distract myself about my feathered baby...Anyway, I changed the template for my Tripod poetry site again.  I have had to adjust some features of the standard layout to match the new template, but I like it.  But I'm not sure if people will find the location of the menu on the new design confusing.  I think that it works well, at least in comparison to many of the other templates, which all have definite pros and cons.  See:  I have also been updating:

Love and blessings to you all! xxx


All six finches are around.  Gordon seems to be going to the ground more than average, but tended to be a little like that anyway - not sure if there is an injury to his foot.  I did put seed and a millet spray on the floor for him, in case he had trouble accessing food supplies.

Keep hoping/praying. xxx

It's coming back to me now...

Gordon had a slight balance problem already.  He has had it for a few years.  Anyway, can't see them all now, but some are in nests.  But I think that Gordon was on a perch, and struggling to balance but managing. 

Little birds are such a worry.  Often the stress is the hardest part for them to deal with.  That leads to heart attacks.  Not sure that people are that different really, when I think about it.  A little finch is so vulnerable, though.

So relieved!

I could only see five finches.  I began to feel around on the bottom of the cage, in the corner etc, for the little fella, fearing the worst, but came up with nothing.  Then a finch emerged from a nest, and there were six of them, all in a row.  (I don't actually think that the missing one was necessarily even the injured bird.  Most of them look very similar, and I was just in such a panic because I could only see five.)

I thought about the goddess Rhiannon just before checking on the finches, because I remembered that we can ask for Divine help when we feel that we are alone in this world.  Please pray for my little finch and send out positive healing energy.  I know that you guys have all different spiritual and religious views, but it doesn't matter, as all of our prayers are heard.  I believe that.

I will post updates on Gordon via this blog.


I am on my own here and I have just had to rescue a zebra finch - seems to be Gordon - from a nest.  His foot was caught and he couldn't get out of the fix by himself.  It was so scary, and I am so bad at dealing with these things, as I am dyspraxic and I also panic, but I had to deal with it.  I managed to get him out alive, and he was on the floor at first, but soon began to fly up.  But he can't stay on a perch now, and I am scared that I have hurt his foot.  I had to take the whole little nest out with the finch in it.  I am in shock, and trying to leave the bird alone, as stress makes them worse.  I don't want to catch him to look at his foot in case I make it worse, but I am terrified that he will die and it will all be my fault.  He isn't a young finch; none of them are.  Poor baby.

I haven't got anyone to turn to.  I was looking through the diary for the phone number of the friends who Colin was visiting, but he is also going to Asda, so might not even be there.  But the numbers are all written in such a muddle and the words were blurring before my eyes.  I don't know what to do, but I couldn't not tell anyone, and yet have no-one specific who I feel that I can "bother".

Thursday, 9 February 2012

That's enough video sharing for now...

I thought that I had been blocked for a moment.  Would have made my new Deborah Gibson blog pretty pointless.  All I do on that is share You Tube clips.   xxx

I'll finish my coffee - should stick to tea, I know - and then do something a little more constructive.  This is fun, though - and constructive in its way.  It can be good to go back through the videos later...

I'll leave it there for now.  Love to all who read this blog - yeah, of course I have readers.  I do and, if I don't, well, at least I enjoy my own video clips - right??? :-)

I just managed to share a Debbie Gibson clip!

Phew, thought I'd been blocked at first, but I just managed to share a Debbie Gibson clip to my "Electric Deborah" blog.  Shared it to this one too, for good measure.  :-)

Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams

Can't share more videos...

Seriously!  Can't blog more videos at the moment, as Internet Explorer have apparently modified a page to prevent cross-script something or other.  No idea what they mean, but think maybe I've shared too many and been blocked - aw, what??? :-(

Alanis Morissette - Unsent (lyrics)

Alanis Morissette-Simple Together

Alanis Morissette - Forgiven - Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morissette - Right Through You

Alanis Morissette - I Was Hoping

Alanis Morissette - You Owe Me Nothing In Return - Under Rug Swept


I love those Natalie Imbruglia songs.  I listened to "Counting Down the Days" album so many times, during my "in flat - birthday/Christmas/Winter/New Year" months.  Such a dark period of my life, but I learned so much, and continue to do so.  My favourite is "On the Run".  It's one of the main songs that sums up this period of my life, and my emotions.  "With all this mad confusion/I don't want to leave this bed..."  Tell me about it!!!

If "poems are moments' monuments", as Sylvia Plath said, I guess that songs can be, too.  I might also share some of my favourite Alanis songs.  It feels like the right time. 

Love and peace.  Thank you to all of my friends, for being "you" and being there.  xxx

Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down The Days

Natalie Imbruglia ''On the run''

Natalie Imbruglia Torn

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Managed to get to Tesco Express this afternoon!

So cold!  But at least I got out - yay!  :-)

I had hardly any sleep last night - insomnia - not fun.  Been adding to my poetry blog (not new poems, though - not writing much this year, so far!)  See  Also adding to (Deborah Gibson You Tube video clips!!!)

Tea next...

A bit crazy in my mind, and also my tummy keeps "protesting" - so what else is new, right???

Friday, 3 February 2012

New blog

See:  I'm using this blog because I wanted to post all of my You Tube Deborah Gibson clips in one place.  She deserves more recognition as a singer/songwriter, in my opinion.

Anyway, that's all for now...Feeling kinda low in general.  You Tube does help, though.  Got to motivate myself to empty the washing machine, etc.  Might just check out another Deborah clip first...

I had an idea!

I'm going to start up a whole blog for my fave Deborah Gibson video clips.  If Blogger is in a good mood, and let's me...:-)

Hoplessly Devoted-Deborah Gibson

Down That Road

Deborah Gibson Jaded

Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat (Video)

Debbie Gibson ~ We could be together (1988)

Debbie Gibson- Electric Youth Music Video(HD/HQ)

Earth Song - Michael Jackson - Immortal Version

edie brickell - what i am

Sheryl Crow - Difficult Kind - live - 1999

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Geoff Stevens

Along with many of my fellow poets, today my thoughts are with poet and editor Geoff Stevens, who passed away today in the early hours.  My thoughts are particularly with Geraldine and family, and close friends.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Avril Lavigne - Unwanted

The last week in "Paula World"!

Where do I start?  Good or bad?  Well, last week I got out four times in one week, starting with the hairdressers on the Monday.  For those of you who know about my struggles with agoraphobia and chronic physical health issues, you will appreciate that this was a huge step for me.  All were very local trips, and the first was the "biggest deal", but yes, it was a pretty big achievement.  And I felt so much better.

But the "crash" had to come, with my "time of month" and tiredness, IBS issues etc "catching up" with me.  Now I am struggling.  A lot.  Being absolutely honest, I am depressed, and have been depressed throughout, and the racing thoughts never stop.  Whilst getting out and about, the distraction factor kept me going.  Now - it is going to be hard - which doesn't mean that I intend to give up, as it won't be long before my period is finished, and then I hope to carry on where I left off, in terms of getting out and about.

I am not writing poetry.  I haven't written anything at all, apart from Facebook status updates and occasional Tweets!  Until now - so a blog post is also a "positive".  I also managed to read some poetry earlier, which I haven't been doing enough - Sophie Hannah, love her!!! :-)

I might add some more music videos to my blog soon.  If I visit You Tube whilst logged into Google, I can actually "like" my favourite videos on there, which I only discovered by chance.  Guess that Google own, or have something to do with, You Tube???

More from me soon, hopefully. xxx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13...

Scary!  Things weren't exactly going to well as it was.  But do I really believe...?  Thirteen is actually regarded as lucky in Wicca!  I'm still not entirely okay about the number, but I don't worry as much about that now.  But I still worry about Friday 13...

But I did just see the most amazing crow in the trees, from the kitchen window - so big and beautiful.  He looked straight at me.  I miss the wild crows and jackdaws at Marwell Zoo.  Colin and I used to be annual members and go there on a regular basis - as well as Birdworld and, at one point, Blue Reef Aquarium.

I haven't left the flat since the start of November.  I went around to try to collect a parcel of ours from the next-door neighbours (who weren't in by then, and one of them brought it over later.)  It was my Netbook - my birthday present - which is how I know that we're talking about the start of November!!!  Days, weeks, months merge into one another, and life drifts on.  I don't want to bore anyone with details of my specific physical or mental health symptoms, though - serves no purpose. Before that, I went to the dentist - felt that I couldn't cancel for what would have been the third time.  And before that, it was the hairdressers...Guess my hair looked good for the dentist and his wife, then!!!  I know that I really do need to break the cycle, but each time that I'm nearly there psychologically, my body "chucks out" the most awful symptoms.  I am going crazy, though.  But I don't know how I will deal with social situations, either.  I wasn't exactly coping, in that respect, before.  I am terrified of telephones.  I don't currently talk to anyone apart from Colin - except for online.  If it wasn't for the internet, I would be completely isolated, and I am so grateful for our computers.  It isn't an ideal situation, but at least I have some contact with the outside world.

Right, I'll shut up now!  Love and peace to you all. xxx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oh no!

Tummy has got really bad again.  It's disheartening and starts to get me down - so have to distract myself somehow!  In truth, it's never really right these days.  :-(

But other people have problems too, and there is no point in moaning too much.

Blogged some "Grange Hill" clips yesterday - yay! :-)